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Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Mentoring


Take your whole business to the next level through respect, inclusion and diversity mentoring. Emberin provide advice, guidance and training to create people magic, developing an adept team who utilise the power of their differences to become a unified whole.


What positive outcomes would result in your business if the inherent differences between men and women and between cultures were looked upon as positive characteristics?


* More effective levels of communication

* Less tension

* Greater time efficiency

* Achieving more goals

* Completing more tasks

* Better customer relationships


While these may seem like obvious conclusions, just how do you get there


As a business owner you have enough to do with the everyday running of the workplace. That’s where Emberin comes in and makes long term improvements in your company culture through workplace diversity, inclusion training and mentoring. 


Cultural Diversity Training


The world is getting smaller every day, and we deal with people from different cultures inside and outside the workplace on a regular basis. The knowledge we have of each other’s principles and beliefs is paramount in understanding their view of the world and has an impact of how we interact with each other and show respect for those differences.


Going beyond the requirements of the law, we aim to show how a corporate identity can benefit from a diverse workforce. Through our mentoring programs with detailed strategies for improvement of equal opportunities in the workplace, your company will have the ability to bring about an atmosphere of inclusion for all staff members.


Workplace Mentoring Programs


The programs at Emberin include mentoring courses designed specifically for the needs of every employee and manager in your company.


Encompassing a mind shift for the whole organisation, we work with your team to help them to step up to challenges and change with a greater understanding of what is required for them to succeed.


Power for your staff to make things happen, power for your company to grow and increase your bottom line.


Achieve Work Life Balance


Reaching for the heights in your job has an impact on your home life, and creating opportunities to take care of yourself can be a real challenge.


This is where the You Go Girlfriend mentoring program can assist you in the important areas of what success really looks like, dealing and coping with career and personal changes, as well as the working mum’s survival guide.

Emberin - An Overview


Courage, inclusive leadership, empowerment, achieving goals and embracing differences, see what Emberin can do for you!


Corporate Responsibility


Providing a safe and inclusive workplace is high on the agenda for most corporations today.


Within the legislative framework of Human Rights Commission Act 1986, Fair Work Act 2009, Occupational Health and Safety Act 1991 and other acts, the Australian government has incorporated minimum legal requirements of workplace diversity to create a respectful working environment for all.


Training your team on their obligations and the responsibilities involved with the standards of behaviour in the workplace is in the hands of the employer.


With Emberin by your side, you can create a positive, balanced workplace that your staff enjoy, increasing employee satisfaction.


The benefits of this include enhancements in your company reputation, attracting talented staff, lower staff turnover and a broader reach to potential customers and clients.

Empowering Yourself and Your Team


With years of experience working with hundreds of companies, Emberin has impacted over 14,000 lives and helped businesses to reach the next level.

Integrated within top ASX listed companies and government bodies, the flexible program can fit into busy work schedules, increasing productivity and effectiveness for the whole team.


This means you can take advantage of systems that we have designed and refined so that they can be rolled out effectively with minimal preparationAll the work has been done and comes ready to be implemented, just get your team together and make a start towards your company growth.


Included in our programs:


• Practical strategies from senior men and women across a spread of industries

• Inspiring stories of career courage from real situations

• Personal challenges to increase confidence, courage and resilience




Contact us today, and find out just how much more your company could be achieving!