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Introducing my mentor, Emberin’s groundbreaking program producing incredible results for not only the women participating but also the organisations in which they work.

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5 key differences. 5 reasons our programs are so successful. Read more about what makes Emberin different


Mastering gender leadership

leaders to think,
and take action


Introducing Courage:  Inclusive Leadership in Action. The practical actions required on a day to day basis for organisations to build a truly inclusive culture.

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Mastering gender leadership

for men
and women


One of our most powerful differences is the work we do with men. This is the element that most organisations forget to address in their diversity strategy yet is vital for true cultural change.

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“BOQ wants to be different to other financial services institutions and diversity in all its forms is one of the key ways we can demonstrate that difference. In terms of gender diversity we’ve increased..."

Stuart Grimshaw
CEO, Bank of Queensland

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"I have worked with the My Mentor program as a Senior Leader, Coach and Speaker involving a number of divisions of the CBA Group since it was first introduced.  The results of each..."

Suzanne Tindal
MAICD Executive Director, Bankwest

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“I think this is a highly valuable program and should be shared with as many women as is possible. It will lead to better internal networks, support of colleagues and a more positive productive work..."

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“One stand-out for me was to keep an eye out for unconscious acts of potential discrimination which could emerge due to peer pressures and external influences and address them..."

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