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MyMentor - Women. Challenging women to make it happen

Created with critical mass in mind

Inexpensive per person and accessible for a wide geographic spread. Cultural change requires critical mass. This is the ultimate PUSH strategy for women. You want a quantum change in the number of women banging on the door of leaders saying: I want that job!

Purchase my mentor: Facilitator

Designed for under-resourced and busy HR teams - we have created all the templates, checklists and tools you need in order to set up and run a successful rollout in your organisation. and of course - this includes help from emberin in setting it up!

Understand what has worked for others

The my mentor program has been undertaken by 15,000 women - with global awards and amazing success. Let emberin share with you the success models that work. 

A tool within your framework

There are so many ways the my mentor program can be used. Talk to us about what you are wanting to achieve and the needs in your business and we will guide you on a structure that fits for your organisation. 

Decide your target group

The program has been successful at all levels. However, the sweet spotis middle management and below. Dont just consider women labelled talent- this program has a track record of uncovering hidden talent. 

Follow the steps - its easy!

Pre launch - decide the rollout model, choose a facilitator, call for nominations, timetable, comms plan, engage managers

Launch - event or call

Graduation - event or call, feedback loop, next steps.

Determine your budget for rollout

Kits cost $550 per person (10 or more participants). The Facilitators kit (one off ) is $2,450. We recommend a sample size of at least 20 participants for a pilot. This ensures good feedback that can be used to determine best model and enhancements for your organisation.

** excluding postage, GST and agreed out of pockets


Just get started!

  • Decide pilot target group of women
  • Set a start date and invite the participants and key leaders (phone or event)
  • Order your kits from emberin
  • Plan your communications and the rollout schedule
  • Get rolling

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