Emberin is a global leader in diversity and inclusion, offering award-winning learning solutions that deliver impact and accelerate results.

Emberin delivers proven diversity and inclusion solutions and programs that demonstrate real results and return on investment.

Download Emberin’s latest Whitepaper – Inclusion First, Diversity Second and learn the journey inclusive leaders must take for business impact.

Most organisations are fatigued by an approach to diversity and inclusion that does not get impactful results or create the promised inclusive workplace.

With almost 15 years’ experience in diversity and inclusion training we feel your frustration.

We know that in order for diversity and inclusion in the workplace to be a REAL priority we must demonstrate a bottom line impact of diversity training and diversity initiatives.

And it must be simplified to support leaders to achieve a number of the expectations upon them, increasing the benefits of creating an inclusive culture.

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The Emberin Difference

Obsessed with ROI

We have worked with over 250 of the largest organisations in the world over the last decade and a half to achieve tangible and bottom line results that demonstrate a return on investment, spend, and effort.

Provide Push/Pull Strategies

Push strategies that help employees through intentional development and structured mentoring. Pull strategies that support inclusive leadership and embed new ways of doing.

World’s largest resource bank

Literally thousands of eLearning assets – pulled together into global award-winning programs or embedded in existing programs – on your LMS or ours!

Prompt Leaders to Action

20 ways to promote inclusive leadership

Creating a diverse and inclusive culture can be incredibly complex.

Support your leaders with our latest guide on how to be inclusive within the workplace.

Improving your organisation’s culture requires changes in habits, which can be uncomfortable for some leaders.

Prompt your leaders into action with these 20 nudges for inclusion.

The ideas, thought provocations, and ways of doing are game-changing and will empower successfully inclusive leaders.

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Emberin Proven Diversity and Inclusion Solutions and Programs

inclusive leadership and diversity and inclusion training from emberin

Inclusive Leadership: Inclusion Habits for Leaders Program

Empower your leaders to understand the ‘how-to’ of inclusive leadership with the Inclusion Habits for Leaders Program

When employees feel included they feel their ideas are welcome and this leads to growth as a workplace.

Support your leaders development so they learn how to build a culture of inclusivity where all voices are heard and respected and everyone is encouraged to contribute and connect.

Women’s Mentoring Program

The award-winning My Mentor: Courageous Woman Program supports the building of female talent pipeline within organisations.

The Emberin philosophy: Women don’t need to be fixed to create women in leadership – but because we are different, we need a different toolkit. This is the toolkit!

The My Mentor: Courageous Woman Program is women’s mentoring program that is a pragmatic ‘push’ strategy that supports the building of your female leadership pipeline and builds women in leadership programs, with proven success.

inclusive mentoring training and diversity and inclusion training by emberin

womens mentoring training and diversity and inclusion training by emberin

Structured Inclusive Mentoring Program

The My Mentor: Courageous Career Program works to unleash undiscovered talent, and make a difference to the bottom line.

Structured inclusive mentoring is the key to success for members of employee resource groups (ERGs)!

The My Mentor: Courageous Career Program is run as career development programs or structured mentoring programs for mixed groups – including as a great solution for ERGs.


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