Empower your leaders to understand the ‘how-to’ of inclusive leadership with the Courage: Inclusive Leadership in Action program


The award-winning my mentor: Courageous Woman program supports the building of female talent pipeline within organisations.


The my mentor: Courageous Career program works to unleash undiscovered talent, and make a difference to the bottom line.


Courage: Inclusive Leadership in Action 

Diversity and inclusion training that has impact!

A blended online and workshop-based journey focused on the ‘how to’ of inclusive leadership and building an inclusive culture based on the science of behavioural change.

Our Inclusive Leadership training process utilising our online diversity and inclusion training program: Courage: Inclusive Leadership in Action. It has been 15 years in development and has been constantly adapted to take into account challenges, resistance and the practical issues leaders have with creating greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

The program covers what an inclusive workplace looks like from a practical perspective – with example-based inclusive leadership discussions such as understanding behaviours, seeing some examples of those behaviours, and discussing how this plays out in day to day work in your organisation. For years emberin has worked with leaders and organisations on distilling the practical actions required on a day to day basis in order to build a truly inclusive culture.

Our approach to inclusive leadership is based on our learnings and experience in having these conversations and creating action plans that work to create an inclusive culture. The emberin philosophy has always been that in order to facilitate cultural change in diversity and inclusion – organisations need to get to critical mass on the ‘how to’. Our approach to inclusive leadership enables this to happen. Our aim is to enable understanding and cultural change - reaching the four corners of your organization to create visible diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

HR can’t ‘fix’ diversity and inclusion. HR needs to ‘conduct the orchestra’ –and leaders need to understand what they have to DO to be ‘diversity and inclusion champions’ and cascade ACTION. Leaders need to be accountable for results and they need to make other people accountable. The Our approach to inclusive leadership is a tried and tested model that enables this to happen.

Our inclusive leadership training challenges leaders to think, experiment and take action. In other words – to be courageous leaders and go against the flow and really create a culture of inclusion in the workplace.

Literally thousands of diversity and inclusion training eLearning assets - pulled together into global award-winning programs or embedded in your diversity and inclusion initiatives - on your LMS or ours!


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Our philosophy: Women don’t need to be fixed to create women in leadership – but because we are different, we need a different toolkit. This is the toolkit!

The my mentor Courageous Woman program is women’s mentoring program that is a pragmatic ‘push’ strategy that supports the building of your female leadership pipeline and builds women in leadership programs, with proven success. Run as career development programs or structured mentoring programs for women, with the objective of moving women into leadership. emberin has mentored over 35,000 people worldwide through its my mentor series programs.



my mentor Courageous Woman (10 modules over 10 weeks with blended discussions). The components of the JOURNEY for participants…..

We have worked with hundreds of companies who have been happy to share with us what some of the benefits of the program have been:

  • Online learning Modules. Accessible on any device.

  • Time commitment. A 10-week challenge – maximum 1 hour per week plus 1 hour per week for discussion and events spread over 10 weeks.

  • Career Development Plan. Participants will build your goals throughout the program

  • We provide a ‘facilitation kit’ and the face components are typically run inhouse.

  • Guidance for mentors in 1:1 or mentoring circles. Understand sponsorship and how to make this happen.

  • Peer mentoring groups. Challenge each other and plan to get together often – this is a new network for you, and this is an opportunity to build new bonds.

  • My mentor MENTOR. Depending on the structure of your program you may have a mentor or mentoring circle or a manager coach –a comprehensive summary , mentoring 101 tips and a guide to each module to drive this relationship and come prepared with great questions. This structure has worked well to create women’s SPONSORSHIP and to assist men as male mentors and male sponsors for women.

  • 12 MONTHS POST COMPLETION EMBEDDING. Our new my mentor EMBED journal – continuing the journey for participants once they complete the program.

  • JOURNAL. You will receive a PDF for each module – print it out and use it to gather your thoughts! Or purchase printed journals as a keepsake.

  • Critical mass impact: The ability for more women to be given the opportunity to develop and advance core personal and professional skills and evidence of more women in leadership. The program is designed to enable you to get to critical mass - regardless of geographic spread. Reaching critical mass is when real change happens. Adapt it to your needs and capture your audience's attention

  • Cost: It is inexpensive per person, particularly at volume.

  • Create your own structure: Great versatility with many innovative ways to use the program.

  • Multiple objectives impact: Alignment between women in leadership strategies and employee strategies. Clear evidence of increased women in leadership, engagement, performance ratings and level of ‘gratitude’ to their employer.

  • DONE for you: Easy to roll out. With time pressed and under resourced HR departments – we have done all the preparation for you. You can just get your group together and then get started!

  • Accelerated results. Clear program ROI. Movement of women into leadership (within 3 months) through clear evidence of:

    • Stepping up to take on projects, higher duties and secondments

    • Promotions: increasing women in leadership

    • Personal satisfaction and achievement of personal and professional goals

    • Self-driving of careers and current roles with higher levels of satisfaction with current employercurrent employer

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my mentor Courageous Woman IMPACT:


ERG Career Development program and Structured Mentoring

Structured inclusive mentoring is the key to success for members of ERG’s!

The my mentor: Courageous Career program is run as career development programs or structured mentoring programs for mixed groups – including as a great solution for Employee Resource Groups (ERG’s). It’s the best mentoring program experience for those who want to grow and develop. This online mentoring program enable structured career development and 1:1 mentoring or mentoring circle development with consistency in your corporate mentorship program - for any employee and with the principles of diversity and inclusion built in…..A guided mentorship toolkit for both mentee and mentor.

What it involves:

An online mentoring program that ERG’s love! One of the best mentoring programs for career development that can be used to create successful corporate mentorship programs – we support you to create the structure around the program to fit within your framework.

Peer Mentoring + Mentor Support:

Peer mentoring circles with your peers in ERG’s or any group and a mentor to guide you. Face to face sessions where you challenge each other and keep each other moving. Multiple structures: peer groups, mentoring circles or 1:1 structured mentoring. Underpinned with the principles of DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION. With mentors challenged to step into someone else’s shoes, understand their difference – and mentor them, regardless of that difference…. Which makes this a perfect diversity initiative for ERG’s

Courageous ‘experiments’:

Action challenges – this program is about you learning some new skills and showing us that you have had the courage to try them with the support of the group and your mentors. 70:20:10 approach to development. Multiple components built in to suit all learning styles.

Career Development Program:
12 intentional modules to grow GRIT and hone business skills such as communication, networking and stakeholder management. The outcome will be a robust career development plan – and with success – an even greater contribution to your team. Career development program for any employee. Career development plan built in. Designed to accelerate high potentials and uncover hidden talent, particularly in ERG’s. Ideal for employee resource groups (ERG’s) or team members who are different and want to develop their own style.
SUPPORT TOOL: my mentor MENTOR program

The my mentor MENTOR program is designed to be used within structured mentoring programs as a toolkit for the mentor.

Take the chemistry and the awkwardness of difference out of the equation and level the playing field for members of ERG’s and those who want an online mentoring program. For organisations who want team members to retain their differences, build an inclusive culture and bring that voice to the table THEIR way.

Take the chemistry and the awkwardness of difference out of the equation and level the playing field. For organisations who want team members to retain their differences and bring that voice to the table THEIR way.

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my mentor Courageous Career IMPACT:


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