Transforming how businesses implement diversity and inclusion training programs, deliver visible results, and make a difference to the bottom line.

A global leading organisation in diversity and inclusion training programs.

Supported 250+ of the world’s largest organisations as they move towards an inclusive culture.

A decade and a half of experience in the diversity and inclusion trenches– We get it.

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Diversity and inclusion training programs with an ROI focus

Most organisations are fatigued by diversity and inclusion solutions and programs. Leaders are supportive of diversity and inclusion and diversity training but it’s hard for it to be a real priority when there are so many expectations on leaders and what they are responsible for…what they really want is an inclusive workplace.​

With almost 15 years’ experience in diversity and inclusion training we feel our clients frustration. We know that in order for diversity and inclusion to be a REAL priority we must demonstrate a bottom-line impact – and it must be simplified to support leaders to achieve a number of the expectations upon them.

Our current approach aligns to our quest to get to a REAL ROI. This has been developed though 5,000 leaders worldwide participating in our programs with significant results – and based on at least 10,000 conversations with leaders seeking to know what they really need to make this the way they operate.

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latest diversity and inclusion FACTS

$8 billion spend with little ROI

Worldwide, organisations spend about $8 billion per year on diversity and inclusion training with little to show for their efforts.


99.5 years for gender parity

None of us will see gender parity in our lifetimes, and nor likely will many of our children. Gender parity will not be attained for 55.5 years.

–World Economic Forum

Just going through the motions

Roughly 80% of companies are just going through the motions. Meaning that they don’t hold themselves accountable to D&I strategy.

–Josh Bersin

Unconscious bias exists

Unfair treatment in the workplace
is a common issue employees
point to when asked how their
managers could improve.

–Franklin Covey

Employees value diversity

76% of employees and job seekers report a diverse workforce is an important factor when evaluating companies and job offers.


At an inflection point

There is a gap between what leaders think and employees believe. 68% of leaders feel they create empowering environments – 36% of employees agree.


About Emberin’s Diversity and Inclusion Training Programs

Emberin is a global leading organisation in diversity and inclusion training.

We have worked with over 250 of the largest organisations in the world over the last decade and a half to support them in moving towards an inclusive culture.

Our obsession has been to support organisations to get results.

Our frustration has been approaches to diversity and inclusion which get us nowhere. We have continued to push the envelope and take new approaches because we believe it’s not sustainable to keep trying the same approach and expect a different result.

And the results from diversity training are miserable when compared to the efforts which have been put in and the money that has been spent.

The truth is that the ROI of diversity and inclusion training programs, approaches and diversity initiatives globally has been minimal.

The approach which we take focuses on two simple elements:

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Both approaches are focused on demonstrating an increased inclusive culture in a team within a short timeframe.

We cannot claim to have the Holy Grail for diversity and inclusion training programs – but we do believe we have moved closer to real impact and results in organisations by testing and experimenting with different approaches to creating an inclusive culture over 15 years.

In this time, we have had the privilege of conversations with over 15,000 leaders from every industry all over the globe, and we have mentored more than 35,000 people, many of whom have been members of ERGs.

Our current diversity and inclusion offering is the culmination of all of those experiences, with our north star being evidence of real impact in creating an inclusive culture.


Maureen Frank Profile Photo 2021

Meet Maureen Frank, Emberin’s Chief Diversity & Inclusion Disruptor

Maureen is a Diversity and Inclusion expert.

She has an ROI obsession and has established over a dozen diversity councils in major
organisations (most of which were the executive team), personally coached CEOs on their
journey and supported her client to achieve results.

Her impressive results include include supporting a number of organisations increase the number of women in senior leadership in record time: a telco (from 6% to 31% in 2 years), a mining company (from 8% to 23% in 2 years), a bank (from 11% to 33% in 3 years), a waste management business (from 8% to 19% in 1 year) and many more examples.

Maureen has mentored over 35,000 people worldwide.

She has a passion for mentoring women in leadership, and inclusive career development and workplace mentoring for those who feel like they don’t quite ‘belong’ and they need to adapt and fit in.

Maureen has experienced this personally and is an inspiring guest speaker for those who want to challenge the status quo and grow in the career and life goals.

Her approach to diversity and inclusion is challenging and unique, yet simplifies a complex

She works all angles of diversity and inclusion with the aim to ‘win over’ each type of stakeholder in the room – from the passionate supporter to the vehement resistor! With 15 years experience on the global stage in diversity and inclusion, there are not many comments, questions or debates that Maureen hasn’t tackled before.