The 6 Habits of Being an Inclusive Leader

A book designed to give people leaders the ‘how’ path of being INCLUSIVE in their day to day – everyday!

This is the great big experiment Maureen Frank shares in her brand new book, The 6 Habits of Being an Inclusive Leader

My great big inclusion and diversity experiment.

Here is my hypothesis:

What if our traditional approach to achieving greater diversity and inclusion in organisations is just wrong?

The approach I have been testing with thousands of leaders with great success is a new formula that really ensures inclusion and diversity get the priority they deserve – and the priority that has been lacking from the lip service ‘PR’ approach that is the current trend if we are completely honest with ourselves.

What is this approach?

Imagine building a house. This approach is about starting with a foundation of INCLUSION. Inclusion with the broad definition of:

Every employee feels like they belong and feels like their uniqueness is valued.

Yes, EVERY employee.

I start with an approach that focuses on building the skillset of creating a sense of belonging for everyone. We leave the traditional diversity dimensions to one side to start with (please note: that doesn’t mean we don’t think they are important, quite the opposite).

This is what Maureen shares in her book, The 6 Habits of Being an Inclusive Leader:

global spend on learning about being inclusive is skyrocketing and that needs to change

Do you also feel this frustration?  

Is this the conversation you are having with yourself: 

“I want to disrupt things! I want to shake things up and challenge the way things have always been done to get us to a better outcome. But I’m scared because that will rattle some people and make them uncomfortable.” 

We know you want inclusion driven by leaders because they WANT it – not because they are being prompted, are ticking a box or feel like a quick mention will make them look good.  

Maureen’s book, The 6 Habits of Being an Inclusive Leader, is all about assuming good intent and rigorously embedding new INCLUSION habits through experiments and action. It is about challenging leaders to stop ‘talking the talk’ on inclusion and diversity – and to ask them to set up and take daily action; i.e.. to ‘walk the walk’! 

We are all about assuming good intent and rigorously embedding new INCLUSION habits.  

It’s time to take leaders on a journey on the HOW of helping every employee feel like they belong and that their uniqueness is valued. 

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result. 

And this is exactly what we are doing in inclusion and diversity globally. 

The mindset around the traditional ‘how’ of inclusion and diversity is often deeply entrenched. 

Shifting it will be harder than you think. 

Those tasked with inclusion and diversity in your organisation will research ‘inclusion and diversity’ best practice, and the well-trodden path of initiatives that get us nowhere will appear.   

That’s where the approach outlined in this book is different. 

If you are curious about an approach that is different and keenly targeted at immediate bottom-line impact, The 6 Habits of Being an Inclusive Leader will get you excited about creating an inclusive culture as a real priority, not just a ‘must do’ activity. 

 It will also show you the practical actions you can start to take as a leader as you build your new Inclusive Leadership rhythm.  

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A bit about Maureen Frank

The 6 Habits of Being an Inclusive Leader has been developed by Maureen Frank over 15 years and after 20,000 hands-on conversations and debates with leaders and employees from the draglines of mine sites to the boardrooms of major global organisations, all over the world. 

When the walls of vulnerability come crashing down, what she has  consistently  heard is: “What do I do? Give me the list. Tell me what I have to do in practice, and I will do it! I promise!”  

And that’s exactly what The 6 Habits of Being an Inclusive Leader will do for you.  

The 6 habits are the compass leaders and team members need, to show them the HOW of being inclusive in their day to day.   


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