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Do you struggle with the leader who has a D&I script that sounds good in front of the right audience, but never walks the walk of inclusive leadership? The well-meaning and unintended inclusion saboteur!

No matter how hard you work at building an inclusive leadership culture the ‘when it suits me’ leader will always sabotage your good work. Two steps forward and with one action from the saboteur resulting in five steps back.

Sometimes you feel ‘what’s the point!’

It’s a frustrating journey. It’s easy to think: “Will I ever really make a difference?”

Prompt Leaders to Action

20 ways to promote inclusive leadership

Creating a diverse and inclusive culture can be incredibly complex.

Support your leaders with our latest guide on how to be inclusive within the workplace.

About our Inclusive Leadership Training Program

The Inclusion Habits for Leaders Program (Inclusive Leadership Training) is one of our award-winning diversity and inclusion training programs.

It uses two tools specifically designed to assist organisations establish Inclusive Leadership CHAMPIONS. The program creates diversity and inclusion advocates who know what to do. The program educates at critical mass to create an inclusive culture.

It’s time to tie diversity and inclusion to all of your culture objectives and simplify the approach.

Completed by 5,000 leaders worldwide

Based on 10,000 conversations with organisational leaders

Cohorts achieving significant results

Uses experiments coupled with action accountability

Teaching the ‘how’ of inclusive leadership

Simplifies the approach to D&I strategy and empowers leaders


An Inclusive Leadership Training program that works!

Do you want to move D&I from the sidelines onto the field? Do you visualise yourself as the coach coaching from the sidelines as the team scores and wins the D&I game? Do you want to build a truly inclusive workplace?

We know how you feel!

Everybody deserves to work for an inclusive leader who will bring out the best in them regardless of their difference from the norm of success.

The fact that this experience is not what happens for some people is PLAIN WRONG.

You are passionate about D&I because you want to make a difference!

Our goal is to help you create raving fan inclusion champions across your business, including those that are currently part of the undercurrent of resistance and pay lip service to diversity and inclusion.​

Are your leaders BORED with your current D&I strategy?

There is a little voice inside you knows the current approach to D&I is not working and is not sustainable. Ultimately you can see that leaders are bored by the approach because it doesn’t take them anywhere.

You are following are well worn path, fighting the odd saboteur, smiling sweetly and having to prove all the time that we are ‘doing something’ in D&I.

It’s all about the PR.

But deep down you know it’s not working. Lots of people talk a good game about D&I in the organisation but truthfully, it’s down to YOU and a very small handful of others.

It’s time to empower your leaders to become more inclusive

At Emberin we are all about helping you move leaders from ‘do I have to’ to banging on your door wanting more on how to create even greater diversity and inclusion in their teams because they have personally experienced the impact on their business and the self-pride of making a difference.

Experience the journey your leaders will take to become empowered to embed inclusiveness behaviours within your organisation!

Part 1: Starting the journey

Part 2: Embedding new habits

Part 3: Experiencing real ROI


Inclusive Leadership Training program testimonial
Inclusive Leadership Training program testiomnial
Inclusive Leadership Training program testiomnial

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