Structured Inclusive Workplace Mentoring Program perfect for ERGs and minority groups

Take the chemistry and the awkwardness of difference out of the equation and level the playing field.

A workplace mentoring program for organisations who want team members to retain their differences and bring that voice to the table THEIR way.

Our structured inclusive mentoring program works to unleash undiscovered talent, and make a difference to the bottom line.

A 12 module career development program with guided discussions with a mentor based on the module topics.

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Prompt your leaders to be inclusive of all

Creating a diverse and inclusive culture can be incredibly complex. Our diversity and inclusion solutions are designed to help.

Support your leaders with our latest guide on how to be inclusive within the workplace.

Our Structured Inclusive Workplace Mentoring Program Snapshot

Inclusive workplace mentoring means you don’t have to rely on ‘chemistry’ for success OR excellent mentoring skills, experience and training – the relationship can’t fall flat!

You want consistent results, and that’s what structured mentoring programs provide.

It also means that you have a consistent approach for all mentors and mentees – which increases the chances of overall success and ROI – rather than ad hoc and anecdotal success stories. You don’t have to stress about the matching process.

​My Mentor: Courageous Career Mentoring Program helps both mentors and mentees grow and develop.

35,000 participants worldwide

Significant results: the best mentoring program

Underpinned by diversity and inclusion

Perfect for ERGs, helping to build toolkits

About our Structured Inclusive Mentoring Program

12 intentional modules to grow GRIT and hone business skills such as: communication, networking and stakeholder management.

The outcome will be a robust career development plan – and with success – an even greater contribution to your team. Career development program for any employee. Career development plan built in.

Designed to accelerate high potentials and uncover hidden talent, particularly in employee resource groups (ERGs). Ideal for ERGs or team members who are different and want to develop their own style.

What does the program look like?

An online mentoring program, loved by ERGs.

One of the best mentoring programs for career development that can be used to create successful corporate mentorship programs. We support you to create the structure around the program to fit within your framework.

  • Online learning modules – accessible on any device
  • Career development plan – participants build career goals
  • 1:1 or peer mentoring circles – have a mentor as a guide, face-to-face sessions to challenge each other
  • Underpinned by diversity and inclusion – mentors challenged to step into someone else’s shoes, understand their difference – and mentor them, regardless of that difference
  • Action challenges and ‘experiments’ – learn new skills and showing that you have had the courage to try them with support of mentors and peers
  • 70:20:10 approach to development – multiple components built in to suit all learning styles
  • Support tool – designed to be used within structured mentoring programs as a toolkit for the mentor

It’s time to establish INCLUSIVE career development

both mentees and mentors experience growth

“I have found the program very helpful and directly led to me to raising my profile and putting my name forward for promotion (which I gained). I have also developed great insight into different styles and how workplace and organisation culture impact on how I operate (good and bad).”

“I was stuck and bored in my current role and couldn’t see a career path. This program and the frank and open discussions that it guided between my mentor and I resulted in a complete mindset shift for me! I realized I had to get in the drivers seat and make it happen for myself AND that I needed to understand the value of years in the company and the benefits that could bring to many different parts of the business. The rut I was stuck in was of my own making. NOT ANY MORE!”

“I found that my mentee and I followed the structured material more in the first few sessions, but as our relationship grew we focused on the development areas identified by my mentee more in later stages. A great program and I also got a lot out of it as a mentor. Great to get to know high potential talent from another function.”

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