Think differently about INCLUSIVE MENTORING

Inclusive Structured mentoring means you don’t have to rely on ‘chemistry’ for success OR excellent mentoring skills, experience and training – the relationship can’t fall flat! You want consistent results, and that’s what structured mentoring provides. It also means that you have a consistent approach for all mentors and mentees – which increases the chances of overall success and ROI – rather than ad hoc and anecdotal success stories. You don’t have to stress about the matching process.

Here’s why INFORMAL mentoring doesn’t often work for the entire cohort:

  • Mentors and mentees rush into meetings unprepared.

  • Mentors even if properly trained on how to be a mentor will have varying levels of skill.

  • Mentors are not given a process to follow, and are left with the question, “what do we talk about today!?”

  • Mentors and mentees have no process that influences personal accountability.

  • The mentoring program does not ensure all mentees are getting the same critical learning experience or knowledge.

  • Typically, not been framed to teach mentors and mentees the value of knowledge transfer for the company’s long-term success.

Mentoring programs have average success: COURAGEOUS CAREER is designed to ensure greater overall success and consistency of experience. Our advice from being involved in hundreds of mentoring programs and having mentored over 35,000 people is this: STRUCTURED MENTORING works!

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