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Emberin has the world’s largest learning library of Diversity and Inclusion solutions. Literally thousands of eLearning assets – pulled together into global award-winning programs or embedded in existing programs – on your Learning Management System or ours!

diversity and inclusion solutions

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Inclusive Solutions for Inclusive Leaders

Diversity and inclusion training that has impact!

A blended online and workshop-based journey focused on the ‘how to’ of inclusive leadership and building an inclusive culture based on the science of behavioural and habitual change.

Our inclusive leadership process utilises our online diversity and inclusion training program: Inclusion Habits for Leaders.

It has been 15 years in development and has been constantly adapted to take into account challenges, resistance and the practical issues leaders have with creating greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Inclusive Solutions for Mentoring Women

Our women’s mentoring program is based on our award-winning Courageous Woman Program that utilises our ‘push’ strategy. In this way we support your organisation to build your female leadership pipeline through mentoring women.

And we have proven success rates.

Run as a career development program or a structured mentoring program for women, the objective remains the same – move women into leadership.

Women don’t need to be ‘fixed’ to create women in leadership! Because we are different however we need a different toolkit. Our women mentoring program is the only toolkit you need!

Inclusive Solutions for Workplace Mentoring

Structured inclusive workplace mentoring is the key to success of your Employee Resource Group members.

Run as a career development program or structured mentoring programs for mixed groups, our Courageous Career Program is great solution for ERGs and is the best mentoring program experience for those who want to grow and develop.

An online mentoring program, it enables structured career development and 1:1 mentoring or mentoring circle development with consistency in your corporate mentorship program.

For any employee with the principles of diversity and inclusion built in, this program is a guided mentorship toolkit for both mentee and mentor.




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