If you are ready for an energised, entertaining and yet logical and ROI focussed discussion on
diversity and inclusion and building an inclusive culture – Maureen is the disruptor you need. She
likes to say that she is an expert in giving leaders a gentle, nurturing, feminine SHOVE! She is an
expert storyteller and business strategist – and her style is a unique blend of the two.

Her approach to diversity and inclusion is challenging and unique, yet simplifies a complex
discussion. She works all angles of diversity and inclusion with the aim to ‘win over’ each type of
stakeholder in the room – from the passionate supporter to the vehement resistor! With 15 years
experience on the global stage in diversity and inclusion, there are not many comments,
questions or debates that Maureen hasn’t tackled before.

Maureen has also mentored over 35,000 people worldwide – and she has a passion for women in leadership and inclusive career development for those who feel like they don’t quite ‘belong’ and they need to adapt and fit in. Maureen has experienced this personally and is an inspiring guest speaker for those who want to challenge the status quo and grow in the career and life goals.


Inclusive Leadership
Inclusive Culture
Diversity & Inclusion
Women's Career Development
Inclusive Mentoring
Developing your organisations story for diversity and inclusion
Managing remote teams inclusively

“Amazing storyteller”
“Inspirational personal story”
“The most engaging speaker at our conference”

“Maureen engages the guy from the mailroom as well as the CEO, in a way that they both understand.”

“She smiles, makes people laugh and cry AND she nails the business evidence.”
“She challenged my thinking …. finally an ‘ah-ha’ moment!”

“It is humbling indeed to recommend Maureen Frank; I do so from a position of immense respect and frankly,
warmest regard. Maureen has achieved so much and has justly received Global and National recognition for
her authorship, leadership, business innovation and of course, contribution to and leadership in the field of
gender diversity. As those who have the privilege to know her are acutely aware, Maureen is also an
authentic, fun and downright delightful human being. All this, somehow wonderfully, combines into a “force”
in business lying, depending on circumstances, on the continuum between mermaid and bulldozer, which can
- and is - used for great good and change.”


Leading international business woman

former head of Mergers and Acquisitions for Aon in UK and Australia, Telstra Business Woman of the Year, BRW Rising Star and founder of emberin 15 years ago.

Mentor for 35,000 people worldwide

Maureen has also mentored over 35,000 people
worldwide – and she has a passion for women in
leadership and inclusive career development for
those who feel like they don’t quite ‘belong’ and they
need to adapt and fit in.

Global Award winner

Her clients have won multiple awards,
acknowledging emberin as the
cornerstone of success, including two
global Catalyst Awards in New York.

Speaker, entertainer and thought

she has spoken at conferences in five
continents around the world and works
with clients from across the world.

Bestselling author, writer and creator

her books, publications and programs
have been used by over 50,000 people

Pioneer and challenger

Maureen pioneered the scalable engagement of
men in the diversity and inclusion conversation
globally, supported founding the Male Champions of
Change (CEO’s of major companies supporting
gender diversity) and engages CEO’s and leaders
every week in understanding how inclusion enables
not just diversity – but also engagement, innovation
and collaboration.

Diversity and inclusion expert

Maureen, with her ROI obsession has established over a dozen diversity councils in major
organisations (most of which were the executive team), personally coached CEO’s on their
journey and supported her client to achieve results, including supporting a number of
organisations increase the number of women in senior leadership in record time: a telco (from
6% to 31% in 2 years), a mining company (from 8% to 23% in 2 years), a bank (from 11% to 33% in
3 years), a waste management business (from 8% to 19% in 1 year) and many more examples.

“Where do you start to recommend someone like Maureen Frank. She is dynamic, energetic and has
designed and delivered a program globally that is results driven, flexible and one of a kind. I highly
recommend Maureen Frank, her organisation Emberin, and her team to you.”

“To observe leaders having very deep, honest conversations that I rarely hear in the workplace was a career
highlight for me. By focussing on inclusion we supported our leaders to explore areas and topics they have
traditionally steered clear of. The experiments were inspiring, particularly hearing their insights from trying new
ways of talking and working and the reactions from their teams. The moment that impacted me most was when a
leader proudly stated “I treat everyone exactly the same”. The silence that ensued and that lightbulb moment was
significant. We realised that he was not leveraging the strengths and differences within his team. It was a
profound moment. I would highly recommend this course to all leaders. It will elevate your thinking and
leadership skills.”